In the arms of an Angel the heart finds peace through love and the pathway into your Soul you longed to see is clear
When Heaven and Earth Collide
Judge not lest Ye be Judged
To close my eyes to this world and open my heart to Heaven then and only then can the pathway to my Soul be found
Paintings I have donated to charity
An Angel whispering Life into my Heart was the breath of Love itself
Political Art
the injustices of slavery, women being deemed as second class citizens, the misuse and abuse of egotistical power from the pulpit, and the denying of rights to gay men and women and what their hearts long for which is to love and be loved in return unconditionally
Abstract figurative
The Guardians Of Love Await Patiently
“Time whispers of a truth that has been told of how Mortals possessing of something that is worth more than all the silver and gold in this Earth... and that is Love...this Love without condition, life it does create yet, Mortals chose to hurt and spread hate. Such sadness I do feel that hate is what you choose. But, these tears are not of pain but of joy which keeps a rose of red alive just to prove that even I can create life out of this Love that you Mortals so abuse!"